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The "Engineering Institute of Technology" (EIT) is a private college operating globally. Founded in 2008, with headquarters in Perth, Australia. EIT is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in the Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET) in Australia and is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

EIT is also a designated Higher Education Provider within Australia and is regulated by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). The college is registered to deliver a number of Bachelor of Science and master's degrees in the engineering and technology discipline. Dr. Stephen Mackay founded the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) as an affiliate of IDC Technologies. Dr. Mackay is the institute's Dean of Engineering. After its founding, the college proceeded to offer live, online programs presented by industry-based lecturers who are sourced globally. Students worldwide access the online EIT campus.

With its headquarters first established in the Australian city of Perth, EIT opened offices in countries including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa and New Zealand. These office centers are accessible to students worldwide. The EIT Governance Board leads and guides EIT in the establishment, development, management, and maintenance of the strategies and corporate governing policies. It delegates decision-making authority to the managers and academic governing bodies. The EIT Academic Board provides guidance to the EIT Governance Board on the setting and maintenance of academic standards within EIT. It oversees the academic administration of EIT and develops policies relating to academic operations. Learning coordinators, together with the lecturers, administer the different courses and provide direct support to EIT students. EIT offers courses for professional development and Australian accredited qualifications in; Engineering Management, Civil Engineering, Data Communications, and Industrial IT, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Process Control, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The educations offered by EIT is embedded in and driven by industry practice. EIT employs a synchronous learning and teaching platform with live, interactive webinars that allows students to interact with lecturers in real-time. Practical applications are accessed through EIT remote laboratories and simulation software.

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