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A detergent pouch packaging machine is a machine that can fill powder, liquid, or paste into pouches. It is suitable for the production of laundry and cleaning products. This machine comes with three models and is made of stainless steel. Its touch screen interface makes it easy to operate, and it supports the piston cylinder filling technology. It also has an LCD display for viewing the technical parameters of the products. And it can support multiple languages.

Another type of packing machine is a liquid pouch filling machine. It is commonly used to fill a variety of liquid products, including hand sanitizers, laundry detergent, and other similar products. The parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, which makes them rust-free. The machine can be customized to fit different kinds of bags, including otc soap and scented toilet paper. The detergent powder packing machine can be used for powders, liquids, or any other type of liquid.

The automatic liquid pouch filling machine is a rotary drum type machine for filling water-soluble products. It has an adjustable capacity, and it is suitable for filling various types of bags. It is widely used in the packaging of hand sanitizers, hand soap, detergent, and fruit juices. It can also weigh pesticides and other products that require a high level of protection. This kind of detergent pouch packaging machine is highly customizable.

If you want to make a large amount of detergent-powder mixture, the automatic liquid pouch filling machine is the best choice. Its compact design fits different sizes of bags and offers a very consistent filling quality. Whether you're making laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, or tomato paste, there's a detergent pouch packaging machine that will fit your needs. The stainless steel parts will last for many years.

The automatic powder pouch filling machine is a rotary drum-type small dose liquid capsule filling machine. It uses a pre-made plastic bag and a water-soluble PVA film to ensure a perfect seal. The detergent pouch filling machine is suitable for powders or liquids, and has a variety of uses. The detergent pouch packaging machines are available in different sizes. The size of the pouch filling machine depends on the product. A large range of models can be used for washing powders or liquids.

The automatic linear weighted liquid pouch filling machine is suitable for liquids and powders. It uses pre-made packaging bags that have a good sealing quality. The machine can accommodate various types of bags, including single-layer PE and PP. Depending on the size of the product, the detergent pouch filling machines can be customized for the different needs of the customer. The automatic linear weighing system can fill and package products.



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