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Plastic Washing Line

We provide devices and systems for cleaning, splitting up and drying out for utilized, polluted and blended plastics. The lines begin with squander product - frequently pushed in bales - and wind up with tidy, Plastic Washing Line pure and completely dry regrind or flakes, prepared for densifying, re-extrusion or shot moulding.

Our Herbold cleaning lines have been developed in a specific series in purchase to accomplish, after every procedure phase, Plastic Washing Line an enhanced high quality of the flakes, to conserve power and to decrease the quantity of fresh sprinkle needed for completion item. In modular develop from easy damp shredding to the turnkey commercial cleaning line.

Plastic Washing Line Functions

1.The plastic clean line system is developed for blended stiff plastics cleaning and splitting up.

2.Reducing the reusing sprinkle stream price and dissipation losses.

3.The shredding system is with use immune develop to optimize the constant operating of the system and reduce functional expenses.

4.Broadband cleaning system with matching rate inning accordance with the product kind liberates contamination from the plastic.

5.The undersea force-washing paddle of the cleaning storage container optimize the cleaning effectiveness.

6.Mechanical and thermal drying out system reduce the wetness web content of completion item.

7.Shredding, broadband cleaning and drying out is enhanced to prevent over refining, which triggers product loss (penalties development).

8.System automation ensures the elements activities are connected, the system capability is made the most of, Plastic Washing Line which the system is suitably safeguarded versus interfering product.

9.Personalized 316 stainless-steel system is optional for destructive product cleaning.

10.NIR, Shade, X-ray or Electrostatic sorters can be offered inning accordance with the product kind and splitting up demands.

The primary locations of application for our cleaning lines in reusing are:

Agricultural movies

Product packaging movies

Extend movies

PP tape bags (big-bags, raffia)

PET containers

Containers made from polyolefins

Fruit, veggie and container crates

Difficult plastics of all kinds

Plastics from car reusing Plastic Washing Line

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