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Monash College is a college specializing in transition education. Monash College in Australia is owned by Monash University, one of Australia's largest international universities. Its subject’s syllabus help plays a key role in the delivery of the University's global engagement strategy. Monash College provides a range of programs and services that align with the universities various diploma programs.

 Monash College specializes in the delivery of academic programs designed to support a successful transition to University study (especially Australian universities). It also provides an extensive range of English tuition designed to both support and enhance student’s English language skills. These programs are also tailored for delivery to industry, government, and business with their network of industry connections,

Monash College provides work experience programs and professional placement initiatives. Similar to the IB Program Monash College and Partners offering the Monash college program must follow the Unified syllabus, grading guidelines, and testing materials. Some colleges offering a direct pathway to Monash University provided they reach a certain pass score.

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