1. Are Australian qualifications recognized?

Yes, Australian qualifications are internationally recognized and graduates are highly sought after in the work place.

2. When are the intakes dates?

There are intakes available in February, July and October depending upon the exact course.

3. How long does the entire process take?

The entire process can take 2-3 months from application to visa processing (including medical test etc.)

4. What if a student does not meet the direct entry requirements for a course?

There are Foundation and Diploma programs available as pathways for students who might not meet the direct entry requirements.

5. Is Australia a safe country?

Yes, Australia is a safe country whose cities are consistently ranked as some of world’s top cities to live in.

6. Are students allowed to work while they study?

Yes, Australia allows students to work part time up to 40 hrs every 2 weeks during the school term and full time in the holidays. Students are advised not to depend upon part time jobs to pay their tuition fees.

7. Can a student travel with their family?

Yes, Australia allows applicants to travel with their families (spouse/children).

8. How does Koala assist a student?

Koala assists students with their applications, visa processing, accommodation arrangements and arrival services.

9. Can a student stay in Australia after completing their studies?

Australia does give students post study options but these cannot be guaranteed.

10. Where can a student live while studying in Australia?

Students have the option of living on campus, off campus and in home stays. Koala will provide assistance with all accommodation options.

11. Are there any scholarships available?

Australian universities do offer partial scholarships to eligible students but these cannot be guaranteed.

12. What are the costs associated with studying in Australia?

The cost of studying in Australia starts from approx. A$15000 per year for Foundation/Diploma Studies programs and start from approx. A$20,000 for degree programs. Living expenses range between A$20,000-25,000 per year.