Are you caught up in the rat race, but still want to further your studies? Koala has the answer!
Through Koala’s extensive network of institutions, we have access of 100’s of online courses at some of the most reputable institutions. Come and talk to us and we can guide you on how courses work and how to enroll.


    • University of Melbourne

      Graduate courses in Business, Education, Law, Public Administration

    • Deakin Cloud Campus

      MBA, Humanities, IT, Communications, Law

    • Griffith Online

      Business, Finance, Marketing, Criminology, Education

    • Swinburne Online

      Communication, Design, Education, Accounting

    • RMIT Study Online

      Supply Chain and Logistics, Engineering, Project Management, Wellness

    • Macquarie University Distance Education

      Arts, Science, Law, Teaching


We have lots more courses on offer, please contact us for more information.